Biography : Dr. Francisco Ceacero Herrador

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Biography :

Dr. Francisco Ceacero Herrador

Associate professor at the Departement of Animal science and Food Processing

Faculty of tropical AgriScience, Prague, Czech Republic.

Latest publications:

Šandlová K, Komarková M, Ceacero F. (2020). Daddy, daddy cool: stallion-foal relationships in a socially-natural herd of Exmoor ponies. Animal Cognition, 23:781-793. IF=2.859

Cappelli J, Ceacero F, Landete-Castillejos T, Gallego L, García A (2020). Smaller does not mean worse: variation of roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) antlers from two distant populations in their mechanical and structural properties and mineral profile. Journal of Zoology, 311:66-75. IF=1.724

Ny V, Kotrba R, Cappelli J, Bureš D, Clar MA, García AJ, Landete-Castillejos T, Bartoň L, Ceacero F. (2020). Effects of Lysine and Methionine supplementation on first antler growth in fallow deer (Dama dama). Small Ruminant Research, 187:106119. IF=1.273

50. Ceacero F, Clar MA, Ny V, Kotrba R. (2020). Differential effects of ruminally-protected amino acids on fattening of fallow deer in two culling periods. Animal, 14:648-655. IF=2.400