Beginning of the PEF defense (Master 2) (June session 2020)

download (1)_0.jpgThe faculty of natural and life sciences and earth and universe sciences started today monday 22/06/2020 at 9:00 am the PEF defense (Master 2) for the June 20 session. This operation was carried out according to the already established program and the health prevention measures against Covid 19 that previously posted on the website of the faculty, and concerned the department of biology and ecology and environmental engineering.

Notice to teachers (Faculty Coordination Council meeting)


Teachers who are members of the faculty's coordination council are invited to a meeting which will take place on Monday 08/06/2020 at 10.00 am in Room B1 (Faculty Library). read +

IMPORTANT (defense of memory PFE / June session) Deadline for filing (PFE): from 15 to 20/6/2020 (June session).

60f6f44b96c5ddd8944c314995c88140.jpgWe inform the supervising teachers (PFE) who plan to support their students in June session, are requested to fill in the two forms (defense authorization and jury proposal) and send them electronically to the department concerned or to the vice deanship at most late June 13, 2020.

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Call to students of the SNVSTU faculty

55b193f1c7ce8f14767786de43c4895a_0.jpgCheck out the University's E-Learning platform!

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Call to teachers of the SNVSTU faculty "Internationalization of higher education"


enseignement-international-250x167.jpgFollowing the directives of the Rector of the university on May 8, 1945, we invite you, a group of teachers from the SNVSTU faculty, who have the capacity to teach modules in English, no need to have a high level or to be an expert in English, join us to participate in the project to open a license (L3) whose teaching of the program of the third year will be done only in English

Coronavirus: SNVSTU faculty disinfects its educational and administrative areas to limit the spread of the “Covid-19” virus

IMG_20200401_103824.jpgWithin the framework of the preventive measures against the propagation of the Coronavirus and in order to continue the active fight engaged by the officials of the country against the Covid-19, the officials of the university May 8, 1945 Guelma launched an operation of disinfection of spaces and premises administrative and educational on the different campuses.

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Distance training (CORONA VIRUS)

Capture_4.JPGOur students, to ensure the continuity of your lessons and the continuity of learning, at a distance, despite the closure of the University on May 8, 1945. you can now find the courses on our moodle platform. read +



84356590_629746247813450_7241707567095742464_o_0_0.jpgIt is with great sadness and pain that the university community of the University May 8, 1945 - Guelma has just learned of the death of Mr. Amar Belhassab, Teacher in the French department. On this sad occasion, Pr. Slimane Kachi, Dean of the SNVSTU faculty, presents in his personal name and on behalf of all the teachers of the faculty his sincere condolences. May Allah, the Almighty, grant the deceased His Grace and Mercy, and his family the courage and patience to face this painful ordeal. "To god we belong, and to him we will return"

Corona: the advanced spring university vacations

f3564b3f127d9794b2be1cf344a3b310.jpgThe Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has announced that the spring break in public and private academic institutions will be brought forward to Thursday March 12, 2020.

The ministry assured that all preventive measures have been taken to prevent the spread of the epidemic. So far, no cases have been recorded in universities.

Meet the Dean-laboratory technicians, resolve all the problems that may hinder the proper management of educational laboratories, especially during this period of pressure.


The dean of the faculty, Professor Slimane Kachi, organized, on Thursday 05 March 2020, at the level of the meeting room of the faculty, a meeting which will be periodic with all the laboratory technicians of the faculty.

This meeting is part of the series of meetings scheduled with all the staff of the faculty "Teachers, Administrative Staff, Heads of Departments, ATS and Students. The concerns related to the educational, organizational and professional aspects were addressed during this meeting.

The dean indicated that the scheduling of these meetings reflects the willingness to establish a constructive working climate allowing all the issues that may influence the management of educational laboratories to be resolved, especially during this period of pressure.

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